How to Raise $250,000 for Your Real Estate Business in the Next 30 Days

Use my Getting the Money system to create an endless stream of private money. Seriously.

Hey, it's Susan Lassiter-Lyons.

I wrote the book on raising private money - literally. You can buy it here on Amazon.

But if you're ready to go deeper... to fully understand and implement the system with all the deep tips and tricks I couldn't fit into the book... check out this course.

I retired from real estate training in 2017, but I keep this course on the market (and updated) because it's needed.


Because what most other people are teaching you about private money will get you into trouble. Big trouble.

Since 2004, I've taught 1,602 real estate investors just like you how to raise private money the right way.

And those folks have collectively raised a bit over $400,000,000.

That's an average of $249,687.89 each.

Which is why I have the oddly specific headline of raising $250,000. (I rounded up.)

Now, that's just an average.

Some have raised more than that.

Some have raised less than that.

And some raised nada because they did exactly nothing with the course.

And that's the real secret to success in private money - you have to actually do something.

So, if you're not into taking action, this isn't for you.

But if you are an action-taker and ready to take control of the funding instead of being held hostage by banks and hard money lenders, I got you.

Real estate investing at its core is a simple business.

You need two things: deals and money.

Plenty of folks can teach you how to generate leads for deals.

But if you want to solve the money problem, you need my training. 

Here's why...


Raise Private Money

You learn how to raise private money (and manage it) from this course.

Close More Deals

When you (finally) have the money, you'll be able to close more deals.

Make More Money

And when you close more deals, you make more money.

Here's Just a Bit of What You Get in the Course:

  • A step by step plan to become THE expert in your area by building a solid “private money getting” brand that attracts lenders to you so you don’t ever have to chase them.
  • The 3-step interest system guaranteed to get your deals funded fast. (Value statement, meeting, pitch.)
  • The exact scripts you can use to raise 5-times more money than you’re even asking for AND the ‘magic question’ that locks in rates as low as 3.55%!
  • The biggest mystery for real estate investors is “what to pay private money partners?” I’ll show you how to “price” your program to keep everyone happy.
  • Equity and debt partners aren’t the only partner types in private money. (I used this 3rd little-known partner type to raise $3.5 million!)
  • Learn how to determine the investor yield and cash on cash return on actual (and proforma) deals.
  • The #1 person you *must have* on your team if you have (or hope to have) more than one private money partner. (I guarantee that 99% of investors raising private money have never even heard of this.)
  • The Private Money Presentation Formula to create your private money presentation using the same template that raised more than $26 million.
  • A deep dive Into the 11 components that your private money pitch must have for maximum success.
  • A tour of 2 of my Private Money Presentations that raised a combined $4,485,000
  • My exact process for finding tons of money for your deals hidden in public records filed at any court house nationwide from the comfort of your home or office!
  • Where to get a list of private lenders in YOUR area online for less than .20 per name – you’ll see their contact info, how much they loaned, the property info and more!
  • The actual postcard I send to private lender leads lists that generates 5X more responses than any other postcard or letter you’ve seen.
  • My secret method to uncover the lenders (private and banks) of all the members in your local REIA!
  • How to automatically follow up with leads to fulfill the SEC’s mandated “pre-existing relationship” requirement. Screw this up and you’re subject to huge fines…or worse.
  • How to use Facebook and LinkedIn “pay-per-click” advertising to generate private money partners… simply, inexpensively and effectively.
  • What “syndication” really is and how to determine if it’s right for you.
  • How to structure a syndication (including the proper paperwork) so that it’s SEC compliant and you and your private money investment partners are always protected.
  • How you can get upfront fees by putting together a deal (usually 1-3% of the purchase price) and how to get monthly cash-flow and equity without putting any (or very little) of your own money up. You play deal maker… and profit big.
  • Step by step how to put together a private money transaction, what documents to include, and exactly what you MUST do before and after closing.
  • The exact checklist you need to follow when closing deals. You’ll get the exact checklist we use so you can make sure every step is completed on every deal.
  • The exact documents, disclosures, and legal protection you’ll need to close a deal with a private lender… forget just one and you could be opening yourself up for SEC scrutiny or a lawsuit from a lender.
  • What gets filed (and where) plus how to work with a title company or closing attorney like a pro with my ‘closing instructions’ template.
  • How to effectively follow-up with your private lenders after you close a deal… during the timeline of the note, and at payoff to provide an over the top customer experience. Your lenders will keep coming back with more investment dollars for YOU… and soon they’ll refer their friends and family. (You’ll even get my special payoff letter that gets referrals like crazy).
  • How to automate your private lender communication so that it’s easy for you but still feels personal to them.
  • How to combine private money with other financing so that the underwriter AND your private money lender is happy.
  • How to solve your downpayment and earnest money problems forever with private money.
  • Using private money to qualify for business lines of credit and master loan commitments from portfolio lenders.
  • I’ll walk you through 4 real-life private money case studies… nothing held back so you can see exactly how these deals were structured for maximum profitability.

What Our Customers Are Saying about getting the money

I've learned more about private money n the first few moments of Getting the Money than I have in the last 2 1/2 years. I have been so stuck and confused, yet not giving up, knowing that some light will come sooner or later. You're it! Thank you.

Susana Barnes

Susan is the best in the business and I highly recommend this program. I recommend it to all of my REIA members and real estate investor friends.

Brad Podhajsky

I've raised $500,000 with Getting the Money and I recommend it to everyone I know. I love real estate but I want you to be my business and wealth growing coach. You are amazing!!!!

April Crossley

I was brought a great deal on a multiple-house package. I struggled for a month and a half with a national hard money lender and a bank with only marginal success. Then I got your course. And in it you said that private money investors always have more money to invest than they put into their first deal. Based on this I went back to one of my private money partners and pitched the deal. To my amazement they put in over $400,000. Without you, I would have lost the deal.

Mac Johnstone

You showed me the money! Or at least how and where to get it! This course is the best bang for my buck, EVER!!

Anita Evans

In just 30 days since investing in Getting the Money, I've succeeded in finding a private money partner with $90,000 for a fix and flip in Denver. Thanks Susan!

Patrick McCarroll

Susan nailed it with the simplest approach to tapping into MILLIONS. For anyone who dares to live life to the fullest, and who wants to raise endless cash for deals (while keeping full control of the process), this is THE approach to take. 

Mark Evans

Well, that was easy. I just closed on a 160-unit apartment complex with my partners. Your training on syndication made it all possible. We raised $2.4 million in private money and we ended up having many more private money partners than we actually needed. So now I need more deals! This is life-changing, Susan. You need to be charging a hell of a lot more in my opinion.

Brian Ward

What Susan teaches works. Period. I have secured nearly $400,000 so far and I'm not finished! You won't be disappointed with Getting the Money. You will laugh (a lot), learn, and if you take action you will most certainly get the money.

Shae Bynes

I couldn't get a mortgage in the US no matter what I did because I was foreign.... I had no choice. It was private money or nothing. Since I took the Getting the Money course, I went from my first loan of $100,000 to a $1,000,000 loan! And that's just in 6 months!

Chris Craig

100% Money Back Guarantee

I believe the Getting the Money course will transform your real estate business more than you ever thought possible. I'm so sure of this that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the course content, or you don't feel it is for you, simply email us for prompt refund.

Your Investment: $599

The course is 100% digital. After you order, you'll receive an email to register for our protected member's area where you will access the video-based training. The course includes all the documents, worksheets, templates, and scripts you need to do this. #NoExcuses

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